I had great opportunity to shoot the Lunar Eclipse tonight under clear skies of Idaho.  Here are two of my favorites.  I even managed to capture a star in the background.  The first image was not long after the earth totally covered the moon with its shadow.  The second was close to the end of total eclipse.

Supermoon lunar eclipse 2015-1


Supermoon lunar eclipse 2015-2

The following is a photo sequence of some baby birds being fed on the fence in our back yard.  What is amazing is how fast the feeding takes place.  The parents go out and get an insect somewhere nearby, then come back to feed, which in this sequence took less than 2 seconds from the first to the last frame.







It was one year ago today that our little Havanese dog, Jamaica entered into this world.  Still a puppy, she is a handful, but she is getting better each day.  Today she saw her first balloon and was not quite sure what to think about it.  In a day or two she will probably be running around the house with the string in her mouth. This was also one of her first times under the studio lights. The key to success here is to shoot fast because she isn’t staying in one place for very long.

Happy birthday, Jamaica.  You’re an awesome dog!


Dinghy Dog

A dog and its owner having a great time on their dinghy.

It’s time to head back to Bellingham and turn in the boat for the next charter guests.  We had a most wonderful vacation, probably the best one we have ever had. Will our next vacation be on a sailboat or on another tug?  Well, we are getting rather spoiled with tugs, but sailing is so much fun.  Guess we will all know when our next vacation shows up here.

Hope you enjoyed reading a bit about our adventures.

Jim & Kelli


La Conner

Today begins are last full day on the water.  We leave La Conner behind us and head for Chuckanut Bay, just south of Bellingham.

Swinomish Channel

We wind our way through the Swinomish Channel, then under the bridge at the edge of the bay.

American Tug

Here is a big sister to our Grey Goose.

Oil Tanker

When navigating the waters of the San Juan Islands, you must keep your eyes open for these monsters.  They can’t maneuver as well as the little boats, so it is up to keep out of their way.  Fortunately, this one was at anchor, so no danger.

Chuckanut Bat

We arrived at Chuckanut Bay, dropped our anchor and had a great evening taking in the sights around us.


There were a total of about 8 boats from our charter company that used this bay as their last anchorage.  Here is one of them.

Nordic Tug 32

A Nordic Tug 32, Florian, shares the bay with us, their cabin lights on, enjoying the evening.


Deception Pass

This day brought some adventure to us.  Our plan was to go through Deception Pass between Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands, but timing had to be very good because of the high current possibilities in this pass.  If you do not time it right, then you could get stuck in currents running 8-knots with eddy currents that could push you into the rocks.  But, if you plan it correctly, then currents are less than 1-knot and you can pass safely.  We planned correctly and didn’t have any issues getting through.

Channel Markers

Once through the pass, then we had to navigate a pretty narrow channel to keep from running aground in the mud of the shallow bay.  It is well marked, but you can go from 15 feet of water to 3 feet of water in a very short time.  When your boat takes nearly 5 feet of water to float…well, you can see what could happen.  These are 2 markers that you line up with each other.  When they are, you are centered in the channel.

Rainbow Bridge

Our goal of the day was to reach a town named La Conner.  It is on the Swinomish Channel which is the body of water that makes Fidalgo Island an island.  Here is Rainbow Bridge at the southern part of town.

La Conner

La Conner

La Conner is a fun waterfront town with many shops and restaurants to visit.

American Tug Factory

We called ahead and made arrangements to tour the American Tug factory in town.  This particular boat dwarfs Kelli.  It is the 49 foot version of the 34 foot one we chartered.  It’s amazing what an extra 15 feet of boat does to the other dimensions.


It was a little rainy this day, so we had to be careful where we stepped.  This little guys was enjoying the rain.