3 comments on “Smoking Gun

  1. Very cool picture. What’s a softbox? I know somebody who would have loved to see the whole gun!

  2. A softbox is what is referred to as a light diffuser. You have a softbox in your house and probably don’t even know it. If your curtains are open on the window and the sun is shining in, you see very distinct shadows cast by anything in that light. If you pull the sheers closed, the light is diffused and the subject that was sitting in very harsh light is now more evenly lit by a “softer light”.

    A different type of softbox that I used in this photo is made to go over the strobe lights, and turns that small 3″ wide light bulb into a diffused light panel that is 3×4 feet.

    The reason I used it was to give the smoke a little more of a chance of being seen, since the light would be coming from a very wide angle.

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