On a recent flight to San Francisco, I had an awesome view of the sunset.  Normally the sun pokes out from under the clouds, but this time I saw it from above the clouds at 30,000 feet.  The window of the plane was quite scratched, but it gives the image a nice effect as the sunlight refracts off of these scratches.



2009-05-21On the same day that I was shooting the marathon there must have been some event going on out at the local airport.  A B17 bomber from world war 2 flew overhead creating an absolutely amazing sound with those big engines.  It was a great site to see.  I had the 200mm lens on the camera shooting the athletes, so I pointed it skyward and took a couple of shots.  I wish I could have been out near the airport as it landed.

When I cropped the photo, I left some room in front of the plane to “give it room” to fly into.  It usually works well with any moving subject to make more space in front of the subject than in back of it.