Each day this week I will be sharing some of what we’ve been enjoying in our back yard.  We live next to a canal that are frequented by several families of ducks.  Spring starts out with just the adults, then we start to see some babies show up.  It is a real blessing to see these cute creatures and be able to get close to them.

The week starts out with the above photograph of a mother Mallard and her babies.

Here is a close-up of some of the babies.


Autumn is such a great time to capture images. Everyone seems more relaxed, maybe because the busyness of the year has passed. This Fall brought a great family in front of my camera. You just have to love Marcia’s smile.

Here is the whole family…

…including their two dogs, Zappa and Zevon.

I’m looking forward to their next request for family photos.


Have you every met anyone with a natural talent?  If you have, isn’t it amazing to watch that person as they use their gift.  One particular person I know that has an incredible talent is my mom, Hilda.  She is an artist, whether it be with with a pencil or ink on a pad of paper, oil paints on canvas, acrylic paint on an antique saw blade or even a painted rock.

She is fascinating to just watch as she takes an image that has lived only in her own mind and see that mental picture be transformed into a medium the rest of the world can enjoy.  She draws/paints horses, birds, landscapes and whatever else suits her fancy.  On this particular day, many years ago, she drew this beautiful portrait of our dog at the time, Blondie.

I hope you enjoy her talent as much as I do.



On probably the last nice day of the season for a sunny and warm photo shoot, I had the great pleasure of capturing some amazing images of Kenzie.  There were a couple of new locations to try out and Kenzie and her dog, Koda were my willing subjects of the day.

Here they are next to a pond near Eagle, Idaho.

I forgot to mention what a nice and natural smile she has.

After an outfit change we moved to a second spot that I’ve wanted to shoot at for quite a while.  It was an awesome day for light and the location was magic from a photographer’s point of view.  I’ll be back.

I’m not sure how many times I said, “One more shot” to Kenzie, but I think she quit believing me after about my 10th time.  The following was nearly my last shot showing a totally different mood.  It is one of my favorites.

Thanks for a fun photo shoot, Kenzie.  Hope you enjoy your images.


When I came home from work the other day and pulled into the driveway there were about a half dozen Chukar Partridge birds hanging out in the front yard.  They were friendly enough that I was able to get into the house, grab the camera, get back outside and catch a few shots before they went on to better feeding grounds.  This was a pleasant surprise to see.

While riding my bike north of Eagle, Idaho this evening, I spotted a couple of horses running in a field next to the road.  This particular horse was heading toward the skyline, so I got out my pocket camera and captured a quick image as the horse was right on the edge between the earth and sky.

Slight adjustments were made to the exposure and it was of course, cropped to give me the look I was hoping for.

It’s always good to keep the camera around for those surprise times.

A very tired skipper weighed anchor and we headed off under motor power to Anacortes.  We timed it perfectly as to the currents through some smaller channels.  Currents in this part of the world can be very strong and can get you in trouble if you enter certain areas at the wrong time.

As we entered Guemes channel about 3 miles from Anacortes, we spotted several pair of porpoise surfacing every once in a while to catch a breath of air.  It’s always fun to see marine life like this.

So ends another wonderful vacation in the San Juan Islands.  I hope you enjoyed reading about the journey as much as I had sharing it with you.

Until next time…