I had the privilege one weekend afternoon of capturing senior portraits of a strong local athlete named Andrew. The light was great, the subject was full of energy and fall was in the air.  It made my job easy! Here is my favorite of the session.

For those photographers out there, it was shot with a 70-200mm lens at f2.8 giving it a nice blurred background to isolate the subject.


Today was the 11th running of the Emmett Triathlon.  There were several hundred athletes competing today and I was in charge of shooting the swim portion of the event.  While all the athletes are getting ready, I have the chance to do one of my favorite kinds of photography.  That is the “candid” shot.  The following were all shot with my Canon 70-200 f2.8 lens which is great for portrait shots.

I love the shadows that an early morning brings and the darkness of the trees.

Here is another triathlete contemplating what is before her.  The tree made a nice frame and the reflection of the bright off of the lake took away any distractions.

The next image almost looks like it was taken in the studio against a white backdrop.  It was actually me positioning myself so that the subject was against the bright background.  He was somewhat in the shade, so it blew the background out even more.

Finally, this lady gave me a nice profile while she was standing in the sun.  This caused here hair to really light up agains the dark shadowed background.

All in all I took nearly 1,300 photos.  Most were the typical “coming out of the lake” shots that you see in sports magazines.  It is the chance to put a little more artistry into the images like those above that make me happy with the day.

Nice job to all the competitors!  If you are interested in seeing the images from all 3 of our photographers, check out our website at IdahoSportsPics.