The following is a photo sequence of some baby birds being fed on the fence in our back yard.  What is amazing is how fast the feeding takes place.  The parents go out and get an insect somewhere nearby, then come back to feed, which in this sequence took less than 2 seconds from the first to the last frame.








I’ll conclude this week with a portrait of the mother.  The detail of her feathers is amazing.

It is fun to watch the mother ducks as she protects her young as they grow.  She is quite often found at attention, on the lookout for anything that could cause her chicks harm.



Each day this week I will be sharing some of what we’ve been enjoying in our back yard.  We live next to a canal that are frequented by several families of ducks.  Spring starts out with just the adults, then we start to see some babies show up.  It is a real blessing to see these cute creatures and be able to get close to them.

The week starts out with the above photograph of a mother Mallard and her babies.

Here is a close-up of some of the babies.



We’ve been visited several times in our neighborhood by this gorgeous bird.  I checked with some good friends of ours and they said it is a Kestrel, a member of the falcon family.

It is a beautiful bird.


We’re blessed to live next to a canal that has many feathered visitors during the summer and fall. Here are just a couple shots taken in the “golden hour” just before the sun went down.  First is a young drake still working on his green head feathers. The other is a hen posing for the camera.  It won’t be long and they’ll be heading on a long flight to a warmer climate.

These cute guys sure are friendly. They hang around pretty close and are not too concerned about people being nearby. This particular Chukar Partridge stood on the fence long enough for me to go to my office, change lenses on my camera and come back out on the back porch. I was able to capture about 20 images before it got too nervous and flew away.


It is a amazing what you see when you just look around.  Last fall we were sailing near Victoria, BC and were in the harbor for the evening when the sky started to change.  It became more colorful by the minute.  There were also a number of gulls swimming in the water.  I watched, waited for a shot, and…. click…  got it.