On a recent flight to San Francisco, I had an awesome view of the sunset.  Normally the sun pokes out from under the clouds, but this time I saw it from above the clouds at 30,000 feet.  The window of the plane was quite scratched, but it gives the image a nice effect as the sunlight refracts off of these scratches.


There must be a storm brewing, as the ring around the sun normally tells of something heading our way.  These rings are caused by ice crystals in cirrus clouds.

This particular image almost looks like a nebula in outer space.  Talk about a wild imagination.


I was out for a nice autumn bike ride in the country this evening.  The sky was 90% blue with a few clouds around the mountains.  About 30 minutes into the ride I looked north to see this amazingly large cloud.  I watched it grow for a few minutes and finally got to a point on my route that the foreground looked better for a photograph.  So, out came my trusty pocket camera and took the following photo.  The fall season in Idaho is so pretty!  By the way, it wasn’t but another 30 minutes that the sky was 80% filled with dark gray storm clouds.  It is amazing how fast the weather can change.

While riding my bike north of Eagle, Idaho this evening, I spotted a couple of horses running in a field next to the road.  This particular horse was heading toward the skyline, so I got out my pocket camera and captured a quick image as the horse was right on the edge between the earth and sky.

Slight adjustments were made to the exposure and it was of course, cropped to give me the look I was hoping for.

It’s always good to keep the camera around for those surprise times.

2009-06-14In the evenings after a good rainstorm we can often look to the east from our house and see some amazing rainbows. This was the case on this day. I used a 17mm lens on the camera so that I could catch the entire rainbow in one shot. Unfortunately, this can introduce some interesting distortion at the edges of the photo.



On day 4 of our Caribbean cruse we were able to put our feet on dry land. It was a very pleasant morning as we approached the anchorage on Grand Cayman. The ship was firmly anchored to the harbor bottom and the tenders were unloaded from the ship in order to take several thousand people to the shore. We were amazed at how efficient this process really is. So efficient in fact that after our first snorkeling excursion we went back to the ship to get cleaned up, then went back to the island to see some on-land sites.

As we got a few hundred yards from the ship (on our second trip), I took the first photo as seen at the right I added a circular polarizing filter to the front of the lens. This really helps bring out the deep blue color of the sky and contrasts it with the clouds.

Once on land we visited many shops, one of which sold these charming bamboo wind chimes as shown in the second photo. It’s fun to get in close to the subject so that there is no question as to what the subject is.

The last photo is a close-up of a pirate statue which is the sign for a (you guessed it), a pirate shop. They sold all kinds of pirate costumes and other booty.

The subject tomorrow will be from Cozumel, an island about 10 miles off of the main Mexican coast.








The post for today will be somewhat different than normal.  Instead of a regular still image I’ve added a video that I shot this past weekend.  What is interesting about this video is that I shot it with my still camera.  The camera was set up on a tripod with a timer attached to the trigger.  I set the timer to take a photo once every 10 seconds.  6 1/2 hours later I had captured the day in 2,335 photos.  These photos were put together using Apple’s Quicktime Pro software to display 30 photos a second.  That works out to 6 1/2 hours of shooting being shown in 78 seconds.

This technique is referred to as “Time Lapse Photography.

The day starts out quite foggy, but soon breaks in to sunshine with clouds rolling in over the valley.


When I looked outside this evening I saw the full moon with some very interesting light clouds that were dancing in the moonlight.  I grabbed the camera and 200mm lens and took a few shots.  I tried several exposures because with the very dark sky and the very bright moon the light meter in the camera gets confused.  This one turned out the best of the bunch.

I did have to do some editing in Adobe Lightroom to bring up the clouds and to tone down the brightness of the moon just a bit, but this is about what I saw with my naked eye.  I also cropped the image to about 1/6 of the frame to make the moon larger in the image.