My wife is a very talented guitar player and teacher.  One of the extra activities that some of her advanced students get to participate in is being a part of “La Bella Corda.” These kids put in a lot of extra time to hone their skills as musicians.  They also get to perform around the valley at several different venues.  It was my pleasure to be able to photograph the ensemble for an advertising promotion for their upcoming performances. This was our favorite image from the shoot.


My beautiful wife is not only my assistant when I’m taking photographs, but she is a very talented classical guitarist.  Her main profession is teaching kids how to play this wonderful instrument.  Today was the day when some of her more advanced students were showcased at our local “Festival of Trees.”  This guitar ensemble is named “La Bella Corda” and dazzled the audience with various Christmas season pieces played on their classical guitars.

While all this was happening, I was taking photos to capture the day.  The room was quite dark other than the stage lights and the lit Christmas trees around the edge of the room, but it made for some wonderful light for the images.  Here are some of my favorites from the days shoot:

The next two images were taken about 5 seconds apart from pretty much the same position.  The only thing that changed was the point of focus.   By using a wide aperture, long focal length lens you can selective draw the eyes of the viewer to different parts of the image.  Also, notice the bokeh or soft focus of the Christmas lights in the background.  The closer your focus is, the more bokeh is seen for the distant objects.