It was a great day for some spring skiing at nearby resort, Bogus Basin.  Mostly sunny with spring type snow.  I had my Canon 40D DSLR with me today, but took this particular image with my iPhone using the new panorama feature.  It does an amazing job.  From the far left edge to the far right edge was about 100 degrees of azimuth.

This image was captured on the cat track heading south from the top of the Superior chairlift near the top of Shafer Butte.  You can see Dear Point with the TV transmitter antennas in the distance.




We’ve been visited several times in our neighborhood by this gorgeous bird.  I checked with some good friends of ours and they said it is a Kestrel, a member of the falcon family.

It is a beautiful bird.


We’re blessed to live next to a canal that has many feathered visitors during the summer and fall. Here are just a couple shots taken in the “golden hour” just before the sun went down.  First is a young drake still working on his green head feathers. The other is a hen posing for the camera.  It won’t be long and they’ll be heading on a long flight to a warmer climate.

Today was the YMCA Spudman Triathlon and Kelli and I were there to capture it with our cameras.

Triathletes are an amazing group of people. They come in all ages, but all have the endurance that surpasses the majority of the population. The event starts out with a 1.5km swim in cold Lucky Peak Reservoir, then transitioning to a 40km bike ride back in to Boise and finally a 10km run along the greenbelt. These guys and gals are amazing.

Here is one of the swimmers just after the start of the event. Speed all the way!

If you are interested, the rest of the event photos can be viewed here.