We met a delightful young man last fall named Drew. It was fun chatting with him, finding out about his future aspirations. Someday this young man may be famous and I can say that I got to photograph him for his senior portraits.

The first set of images were taken in casual clothes.  He was quite relaxed in front of the camera and was easy to photograph.  Here are a couple of my favorite casual images of Drew:




Then he switched to a suit for that “wow” factor.



All the best to you in the future, Drew.


There are some great Christmas lights in our subdivision this year. We thought they would make a great backdrop for our family self portrait. It is time to make it happen. Let’s see… time for a list of equipment to take…

  • Camera
  • Self timer
  • f2.8 lens
  • Flash
  • Tripod for camera
  • Tripod for flash

We walked down the road to “the spot,” setup the tripod, camera and the subject (my wife) and took some test shots getting the background exposure just like I wanted.  Then added the flash. Once those details were out of the way, I set the self timer on the camera to capture an image every 7 seconds.  Then I jumped into the frame and we did various poses. This is the one we like the best.

Family self portrait.

Merry Christmas!


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of capturing images of Ashley for her senior portraits. She was one of the most fun clients I have photographed. Fall was in the air and the leaves were gorgeous. Here are 3 of my favorite images of the bunch.

First off we stopped at the Bishop’s house at the old Penitentiary.  The light and background were fantastic.


Ashley has this awesome “fixed gear” bike that she refers to as her “fixie.” She brought it along to use in a few images.


Lastly, back at the Penitentiary, she poses for a great style shot.


Autumn is such a great time to capture images. Everyone seems more relaxed, maybe because the busyness of the year has passed. This Fall brought a great family in front of my camera. You just have to love Marcia’s smile.

Here is the whole family…

…including their two dogs, Zappa and Zevon.

I’m looking forward to their next request for family photos.


I had the privilege one weekend afternoon of capturing senior portraits of a strong local athlete named Andrew. The light was great, the subject was full of energy and fall was in the air.  It made my job easy! Here is my favorite of the session.

For those photographers out there, it was shot with a 70-200mm lens at f2.8 giving it a nice blurred background to isolate the subject.


Today was the 11th running of the Emmett Triathlon.  There were several hundred athletes competing today and I was in charge of shooting the swim portion of the event.  While all the athletes are getting ready, I have the chance to do one of my favorite kinds of photography.  That is the “candid” shot.  The following were all shot with my Canon 70-200 f2.8 lens which is great for portrait shots.

I love the shadows that an early morning brings and the darkness of the trees.

Here is another triathlete contemplating what is before her.  The tree made a nice frame and the reflection of the bright off of the lake took away any distractions.

The next image almost looks like it was taken in the studio against a white backdrop.  It was actually me positioning myself so that the subject was against the bright background.  He was somewhat in the shade, so it blew the background out even more.

Finally, this lady gave me a nice profile while she was standing in the sun.  This caused here hair to really light up agains the dark shadowed background.

All in all I took nearly 1,300 photos.  Most were the typical “coming out of the lake” shots that you see in sports magazines.  It is the chance to put a little more artistry into the images like those above that make me happy with the day.

Nice job to all the competitors!  If you are interested in seeing the images from all 3 of our photographers, check out our website at IdahoSportsPics.


Today was the YMCA Spudman Triathlon and Kelli and I were there to capture it with our cameras.

Triathletes are an amazing group of people. They come in all ages, but all have the endurance that surpasses the majority of the population. The event starts out with a 1.5km swim in cold Lucky Peak Reservoir, then transitioning to a 40km bike ride back in to Boise and finally a 10km run along the greenbelt. These guys and gals are amazing.

Here is one of the swimmers just after the start of the event. Speed all the way!

If you are interested, the rest of the event photos can be viewed here.

She had long dark hair, bright red lipstick, wore cotton blouses and a yellow skirt.  I liked it when she wore that skirt.  I think it was her favorite too.

She loved my sister and me as only a mother could, putting our needs before her own, feeding us, clothing us, hugging us and crying for us when we she was hurting for her kids.

She would make cool things for us, such as custom marble bags with our names on them.  This was one of my cherished possessions.

I stopped by and visited my mom today, sitting there, my feet outstretched on the grass.  I smiled as I remembered the happy times of years gone by.  I shed a few tears too knowing that I would only have memories of her, memories when I was but seven years old when I said, “Goodbye, Mom.”

Remembering Mom