Photography Tips


Self Portrait

I had fun this winter seeing what my beard would look like after not having one for many years.  My dear wife put up with the scratchiness for a while as it grew to what would be its full length.  You see, I got rid of it shortly after taking this image.

I downloaded the update to OnOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite 7 a few days ago and used the Perfect B&W plugin to do the black and white conversion and to add a border to it.  They have a 30 day trial to their software if you want to try out some cool effects.

The lighting was a single light with no modifiers.  The black background was actually my unlit entryway.




I like taking a different view of normal scenes. Here is another image of my wife walking along the river in Boise. I wanted to frame her with the darkness of the tunnel, so I positioned myself on one end, and her on the other, having first calculated the exposure. If I would have let the camera pick the exposure the subject would have been very much over exposed due to all the blackness of the tunnel. Manual mode is a great way to take control of the situation. Expose for the subject, then frame the subject.  The subject will look great.

I did a bit of enhancement after the fact using NIK Viveza 2 software to warm up the scene and to bring out some of the shadow details of the cement wall on the left.