It was one year ago today that our little Havanese dog, Jamaica entered into this world.  Still a puppy, she is a handful, but she is getting better each day.  Today she saw her first balloon and was not quite sure what to think about it.  In a day or two she will probably be running around the house with the string in her mouth. This was also one of her first times under the studio lights. The key to success here is to shoot fast because she isn’t staying in one place for very long.

Happy birthday, Jamaica.  You’re an awesome dog!


For the past several years we have created a photo book showing our experiences of the year. It is fun to look back at these and see just how the Lord has had His hand on our lives. We’ve always concluded our book with a portrait of ourselves.

It isn’t often that I’m both the photographer and the subject, but that is the case here. I set up the camera with a remote trigger and pushed the button with every new pose. This is the one we liked the best.


My Lovely Wife

Every once in a while I’m allowed to get serious about capturing a portrait of my wife, Kelli.  Well, today was the day.  She is the most excellent guitar teacher here in Boise with the Childbloom Guitar Program and was in need an updated photo for her web site.  It was a gorgeous autumn day and went outside and captured a few images.  This was our favorite.



Another fun portrait session, this time with Tara, a delightful young lady who is just fun to be around.  We have known her and her family for many years and it was a privilege to be selected to capture images of her. We ventured into several places near the river in downtown Boise for these images.


Thanks for the opportunity of capturing your senior portraits, Tara.





This is my second time photographing Nico.  It seemed like only a few short years ago he and his family were posing for me in the park for some family portraits.  Now Nico is all grown up and I captured images of him for his senior portraits.  The image below was taken in “freak alley” in downtown Boise.  All the colorful artwork make for some crazy, but cool backdrops.


The best to you in the future, Nico.



Portrait season is upon us.  I should say the autumn portrait season with vibrant colors all around.

This portrait is of a longtime friend of ours and her mother, both of whom are very nice people and great subjects for a lovely portrait.  This image was captured at the Boise Train Depot.



I’ll conclude this week with a portrait of the mother.  The detail of her feathers is amazing.

It is fun to watch the mother ducks as she protects her young as they grow.  She is quite often found at attention, on the lookout for anything that could cause her chicks harm.



Self Portrait

I had fun this winter seeing what my beard would look like after not having one for many years.  My dear wife put up with the scratchiness for a while as it grew to what would be its full length.  You see, I got rid of it shortly after taking this image.

I downloaded the update to OnOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite 7 a few days ago and used the Perfect B&W plugin to do the black and white conversion and to add a border to it.  They have a 30 day trial to their software if you want to try out some cool effects.

The lighting was a single light with no modifiers.  The black background was actually my unlit entryway.