Another fun portrait session, this time with Tara, a delightful young lady who is just fun to be around.  We have known her and her family for many years and it was a privilege to be selected to capture images of her. We ventured into several places near the river in downtown Boise for these images.


Thanks for the opportunity of capturing your senior portraits, Tara.





This is my second time photographing Nico.  It seemed like only a few short years ago he and his family were posing for me in the park for some family portraits.  Now Nico is all grown up and I captured images of him for his senior portraits.  The image below was taken in “freak alley” in downtown Boise.  All the colorful artwork make for some crazy, but cool backdrops.


The best to you in the future, Nico.


We met a delightful young man last fall named Drew. It was fun chatting with him, finding out about his future aspirations. Someday this young man may be famous and I can say that I got to photograph him for his senior portraits.

The first set of images were taken in casual clothes.  He was quite relaxed in front of the camera and was easy to photograph.  Here are a couple of my favorite casual images of Drew:




Then he switched to a suit for that “wow” factor.



All the best to you in the future, Drew.


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of capturing images of Ashley for her senior portraits. She was one of the most fun clients I have photographed. Fall was in the air and the leaves were gorgeous. Here are 3 of my favorite images of the bunch.

First off we stopped at the Bishop’s house at the old Penitentiary.  The light and background were fantastic.


Ashley has this awesome “fixed gear” bike that she refers to as her “fixie.” She brought it along to use in a few images.


Lastly, back at the Penitentiary, she poses for a great style shot.


I had the privilege one weekend afternoon of capturing senior portraits of a strong local athlete named Andrew. The light was great, the subject was full of energy and fall was in the air.  It made my job easy! Here is my favorite of the session.

For those photographers out there, it was shot with a 70-200mm lens at f2.8 giving it a nice blurred background to isolate the subject.


Today brought another senior photo shoot.  This time was with a fun young lady named Kaylie.  I was wondering if the weather today was going to let us venture outside, but it turned out to be pretty nice considering the forecast.  It was a bit cool and cloudy, but we were going to be shooting at a shady location anyway, so no big deal.  The location of Kaylie’s choosing was in downtown Boise called “Freak Alley.”  It is a place where graffiti artists have been allowed to paint some tasteful artwork.  Fun place to shoot with the color of the walls making some very interesting backdrops.  Here are two of my favorites from our shoot today.

On probably the last nice day of the season for a sunny and warm photo shoot, I had the great pleasure of capturing some amazing images of Kenzie.  There were a couple of new locations to try out and Kenzie and her dog, Koda were my willing subjects of the day.

Here they are next to a pond near Eagle, Idaho.

I forgot to mention what a nice and natural smile she has.

After an outfit change we moved to a second spot that I’ve wanted to shoot at for quite a while.  It was an awesome day for light and the location was magic from a photographer’s point of view.  I’ll be back.

I’m not sure how many times I said, “One more shot” to Kenzie, but I think she quit believing me after about my 10th time.  The following was nearly my last shot showing a totally different mood.  It is one of my favorites.

Thanks for a fun photo shoot, Kenzie.  Hope you enjoy your images.


Senior Portait

This evening I had the opportunity for a senior portrait shoot.  The weather was great with a perfect temperature.  The sun was shining brightly through about as clear a sky as you could imagine.  I really prefer to have a slightly hazy sky as it turns the sky into a giant “softbox” wrapping the subject in soft sunlight.  That wasn’t to be today, as the sun was quite harsh, making it difficult to capture a perfect shot.

In many of my shots I used a flash to fill in the shadows.  In others, I had an assistant hold a large white reflector to fill in the shadows.  The shot pictured here was straight on sunlight with no added light, but I think it turned out quite nicely.  It took a little bit of  tweaking in the Adobe Lightroom software to get the exposure just right and to add a bit of darkening to the edges to bring your attention to the subject.

2009-04-28Every once in a while I get to photograph a real natural model who makes it easy from the photographer’s point of view. This was the case on Saturday as I shot senior portraits for a good friend of ours. She was very much at home in front of the camera and everything came together quite nicely for the photo session.

Lighting was quite simple.  I had a 2×3 foot softbox over my right shoulder and one strobe high over the model’s right shoulder to give the nice hair light.

The background was black seamless paper.

The model and her mom were quite pleased with the results, so I’d call that a successful shoot.