A couple of years ago we were just leaving Victoria Harbor, BC, Canada on our way back to the US.  The wind was great, making the sailing superb.  A few miles from the harbor we came across another sailboat having as much fun as we were.  I did some major adjustments using NIK Software’s Silver Efex Pro 2 software.  Here is the result after trying a few options:

Sailing in Juan de Fuca

Mid last month I was photographing runners a rather large 10k and 5K race called the Barber to Boise. There were nearly 2,000 participants, so a lot of photos were taken that day. As part of the event, there was an outdoor concert going on as people ate lunch after the race. The group performing is out of England and is called Scars on 45. A major claim to fame for this group was playing the opening for the TV show Grey’s Anatomy.

Anyway, back to the photo.  I had on the 70-200mm lens, and was standing pretty close to the stage and had a great angle for a profile of their singer, Aimee Driver. I wanted to have her lips close to the microphone, but not touching it. I patiently waited for just the right moment and CLICK.  Got it!

I opened the image with Photoshop and increased the contrast just a bit, then lightened the whites and darkened the blacks. Finally, I adjusted what Photoshop calls “threshold” to take away all the mid-tones. This was just what I was looking for. It is kind of different from my normal images, but it was fun seeing something in my head while I was shooting with the full intent of having it turn out the way it did.

Experiment with your images and have fun!