It was a great day for some spring skiing at nearby resort, Bogus Basin.  Mostly sunny with spring type snow.  I had my Canon 40D DSLR with me today, but took this particular image with my iPhone using the new panorama feature.  It does an amazing job.  From the far left edge to the far right edge was about 100 degrees of azimuth.

This image was captured on the cat track heading south from the top of the Superior chairlift near the top of Shafer Butte.  You can see Dear Point with the TV transmitter antennas in the distance.



2010-02-19It’s winter in Idaho and with that comes fun in the snow.  We are blessed to have a great ski resort just 15 miles from Boise.  On this particular day, there was an occasional hint of blue sky peeking through, but for the most part, it was foggy and sometimes snowing.  This lead to some very flat lighting.  I took my Canon 40D with me this day in hopes for some great shots, but didn’t end up with too much, but did end up with a couple.

Even if the day isn’t the best for shooting, try to make the best of what the day has to give, no matter which end of the camera you are on.

2010-01-23This photo is a little more inline for the current season.  Sure we would like to be sailing under a nice blue sky as seen in my prior post, but the snow is this photo turns into water to sail on when summer finally arrives.

We were cross country skiing up a Bogus Basin a few miles from Boise and I liked the image of the parallel lines formed by the ski tracks.  I sat down on the back of my skis an took this shot making sure to leave the tips of my skis in the photo. This puts in some color and to adds more to the storyline of the photo.

XC SkiingHere is a silhouette of my wife during a recent cross country ski trip. We are learning how to “skate,” which is a style of cross country skiing that is new to us. Instead of skiing traditionally with the skis parallel in the tracks (shown in the right third of the photo), the skis are positioned pointing out away from the centerline. You can see the herringbone pattern in the snow that skaters leave behind. To propel oneself you push the skis away from the centerline in a “skating” motion.

It is quite fun to do and very good exercise, but requires skill to make it look easy. We’re not there yet. 🙂

I waited for my wife to get to the top of the hill so that I could catch a good silhouette of her. Also, the horizon is about 1/3 from the top of the photo and there is a nice leading line provided by the tracks to take you to the skier which aids in the composition of the shot.

As you are out having fun with your various activities, try to capture the moment with your camera. They help to bring back fond memories.

Canon PowerShot S-500 (pocket digital camera), lens 22.2mm @ f13, 1/400, ISO 50

Ski BootsAnother sunny day of skiing at Bogus Basin brings this “odd” photo. What is there to do while riding alone on a chair lift but to take pictures.

I grabbed onto the back of the chair and leaned out as far as I dared to grab this shot between my ski boots.

Canon PowerShot S-500 (pocket camera), lens 7.4mm @ f7.1, 1/200, ISO 50.



Skiing SunsetThis weekend was a great time to be at the nearby Bogus Basin ski resort. The sky was quite blue, the snow conditions were nice enough that it made everyone look good as they skied down the mountain.

I referred to this images as a sunset. Actually, it was another 3 hours before the sun would be going down, but only a fraction of that time before it set behind the mountain.

I really like back lit ski shots. It makes for a good spray of the snow as this skier carves his turns.  I also like the silhouette it makes of the subject.

The camera was set to an automatic mode and I pointed it in the general direction of what I wanted to shoot. The direct sun created some interesting highlights as it bounced around between the lens elements.

When I later cropped the image I took into account the rule of thirds for composition. The horizon is about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom. The skier is about 1/3 of the way from the right of the image. The sun was opposite from the main subject to balance the composition.

Canon PowerShot S-500 (pocket camera), lens 7.4mm @ f7.1, 1/800, ISO 50.

Footprints in the SnowHey, it is 95 degrees outside. What’s with the snow picture? I guess I am looking forward to some cooler temperatures in Boise.

This particular image was taken while cross country skiing in the Idaho back country. These are snowshoe tracks that have a new layer of fresh snow on them. I like the repeating pattern showing that the snowshoer must have had a pretty good rhythm going.

When shooting snow, over expose it by 1 to 1.5 stops over what the camera says. The camera’s internal light meter assumes a nice gray color as average and if you don’t compensate, your image will look too dark.

Olympus D490Z, 15.7mm, 1/400 at f8.6, ISO 100