It is the time of year when various home builders in the valley strut their talents as they build some spectacular homes.  Not as impressive as some, this 0 bedroom, 2 bath house is, if nothing else, affordable.

She had long dark hair, bright red lipstick, wore cotton blouses and a yellow skirt.  I liked it when she wore that skirt.  I think it was her favorite too.

She loved my sister and me as only a mother could, putting our needs before her own, feeding us, clothing us, hugging us and crying for us when we she was hurting for her kids.

She would make cool things for us, such as custom marble bags with our names on them.  This was one of my cherished possessions.

I stopped by and visited my mom today, sitting there, my feet outstretched on the grass.  I smiled as I remembered the happy times of years gone by.  I shed a few tears too knowing that I would only have memories of her, memories when I was but seven years old when I said, “Goodbye, Mom.”

Remembering Mom

I took a lot of photos at the 2012 Spring Sprint Triathlon on Saturday.  Near the end of the event I decided to get a bit “artsy” and try experimenting with the exposure.

I normally try to shoot all athletes at a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second or faster in order to stop their motion.  What I did in this experiment was to use a shutter speed of 1/13th of a second and pan the camera so that the runner was in the same position of the viewfinder at the beginning and the end of the exposure.  The camera moved quite a bit in that 1/13th, causing the blurring of background and the runner’s feet were also blurred due to their motion.  But, I got what I was looking for.

Do you like this artsy image?  Does the technique help to make the runner look fast? Click here to view a full sized image.

It isn’t eveyrone who gets to work with their spouse as they do what they love the most.  I am really blessed in that respect.

My beautiful wife of 33 years (she will tell you that we got married at age 10) let me capture a few images of her this afternoon as we scouted some new shooting locations. This was one of my favorites.


These cute guys sure are friendly. They hang around pretty close and are not too concerned about people being nearby. This particular Chukar Partridge stood on the fence long enough for me to go to my office, change lenses on my camera and come back out on the back porch. I was able to capture about 20 images before it got too nervous and flew away.



Spring is a great time to visit Shoshone Falls near Twin Falls, Idaho. The water drops 212 feet and the falls is nearly 1500 feet wide. I had the fortune of traveling through this part of the world this week and had heard that water over the falls was really flowing high. Later in the year much of the water gets diverted for irrigation purposes and the scene is totally different. So much water was coming over the falls on this day that you could not see the bottom of it due to all the mist that was being kicked up. I also had to watch which way the wind was blowing to keep water off of my camera.

If you have a chance to get down there in the next week or so, make it happen. I have no idea how long until the flow decreases, so you might call ahead and see.

I’m also taking the opportunity of using a new application on the iPad to write this post. It is called Blogsy and is pretty amazing for a brand new application. It makes creating a new blog post quite easy, including the insertion of images.


Spring brings with it the hundreds of athletes who compete in local races around the valley.  It also brings out sports photographers who are itching to get outside for some photography assignments after a long winter inside. Here is a shot of a pack of runners at the start of a race and I’m standing in the middle of the road.  I was quick to move when the starter’s gun went off.

For the Birds

Quite often I ride my bike through a small country community north of Boise called Hidden Springs. Each time I ride though the area I pass by some cattails that are about 5 feet off of the paved road. When I’m riding, the birds that are busy looking for food seem to ignore me and I can get rather close to them.

After my ride on Sunday afternoon I decided to take a bigger lens and camera back to that very spot with hopes of getting some very nice bird shots.  After parking the car, I got out the camera, placed it on my monopod and approached the birds.  Since I was not just driving by, all the birds became rather nervous and really didn’t want to hang around much.

Patience was the key to this photo outing and I was able to capture a couple of nice shots, one of a Red Wing Blackbird and the other… well, I’ll wait for my dad to comment as to the species.

Both photos were taken with the Canon 7D and Canon 70-200 f2.8L IS lens. The lens aperture was wide open at f2.8 giving a nicely blurred background.