I’ll conclude this week with a portrait of the mother.  The detail of her feathers is amazing.

It is fun to watch the mother ducks as she protects her young as they grow.  She is quite often found at attention, on the lookout for anything that could cause her chicks harm.



Each day this week I will be sharing some of what we’ve been enjoying in our back yard.  We live next to a canal that are frequented by several families of ducks.  Spring starts out with just the adults, then we start to see some babies show up.  It is a real blessing to see these cute creatures and be able to get close to them.

The week starts out with the above photograph of a mother Mallard and her babies.

Here is a close-up of some of the babies.


I’m experimenting a bit more with the Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 software.  I wanted to show you the HDR output along with the original “close to the right exposure” frame.  People can get carried away and overdo the effect, but I’m trying to take a more subtile approach.

Here is the image combining 8 frames into one to expand the dynamic range:

Here is the single exposure image:

Which do you like better?

P.S.  If you look closely, you can see the moon high in the sky.



Here is an image that I captured on Lopez Island, Washington.  It is actually a combination of 8 different images captured at 2/3 of an f-stop difference between each one. They were then combined using the Nik HDR Effects 2 software. The goal of the software is to easily combine images with different exposers in an attempt to expand the dynamic range of the camera sensor to more closely match what the eye sees in real life.

This was my first attempt at using the software and I have a lot more learning to do. But, it is fun learning new things and it gets me thinking a bit more about the final image when I’m capturing the shot in the field.



On a recent flight to San Francisco, I had an awesome view of the sunset.  Normally the sun pokes out from under the clouds, but this time I saw it from above the clouds at 30,000 feet.  The window of the plane was quite scratched, but it gives the image a nice effect as the sunlight refracts off of these scratches.


Today was the YMCA Spudman Triathlon and Kelli and I were there to capture it with our cameras.

Triathletes are an amazing group of people. They come in all ages, but all have the endurance that surpasses the majority of the population. The event starts out with a 1.5km swim in cold Lucky Peak Reservoir, then transitioning to a 40km bike ride back in to Boise and finally a 10km run along the greenbelt. These guys and gals are amazing.

Here is one of the swimmers just after the start of the event. Speed all the way!

If you are interested, the rest of the event photos can be viewed here.