I was going through some images from a few years ago and ran across this one that I captured one summer morning in Julia Davis Park in Boise, Idaho.  The coolness of the morning brought out the haze in the air which added to the image.  Hope you enjoy it.


My wife and I took a little hike in the foothills east of Boise, Idaho just to capture some images because I just knew it would be a spectacular sunset. How did I know? Partly because of the fantastic sunrise this morning, plus the sky was clear of clouds but still quite smokey from the nearby wildfires.

I like this particular image because it looks like the branches are holding up the sun.

A larger version of the photo can be seen on the 500px photo sharing site.

Today was the day for the annual 12K race on trails in the local foothills.  Lots of climbing, rocks, ruts, descents, dust, you name it.  But, one thing in common with all the participants is that they all seemed to be having a great time.

Here is a shot of one of those happy runners with the Boise, Idaho skyline in the background.

If you want to participate in the race next year, keep an eye on the xc12k website.

Once a year a very big cycling event comes to Boise called the Twilight Criterium.  It is a race that covers 3 city blocks with the cyclists completing 85 laps of the course.  The race starts at dusk and ends up with the need for some pretty bright road construction lights set up at various places along the course.  There were participants from all over the world, the winner being from a team from Australia.  The local paper said there was an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 people watching the event.  That doesn’t surprise me at all, but even with all the people, it was fairly easy to get close to the action.

As far as photographing this event, I kept things simple with just a single 24-105mm lens, trying various techniques for shooting in the low light conditions.  One of the cool effects that can be done is to slow down the shutter speed for these fast moving guys and pan with the moving object.  The desired effect is to keep the cyclist in the same part of the image as possible, but blur the background as much as you can.

The following images show some of the good light images which are fairly normal looking, followed by some that definitely show the technique I described.

Hope you enjoy them.








Kelli and I went down to the Farmer’s Market in Eagle, enjoying the morning, enjoying each other’s company and chatting with some of the vendors showing their wares.

Kevin Flynn from The Potters Center was busy on his wheel making all kinds of cool things out of clay.  It is fun to watch an artist with many years of talent while their creative juices are flowing.  He was gracious enough to let me capture this image of him as he makes a new creation.



Some dear friends of ours took us sailing on their Catalina 22. Their boat is very well equipped, including a sail called a “spinnaker” which is a very large sail generally used for going down wind very fast. It was a perfect day for flying this sail and we did just that.

I made my way up on the bow of the boat with my camera which was equipped with a wide angle lens. I laid on the deck so I could get a good shot at the sail with the nice blue summer sky in the background.


2009-08-20During the summer we notice quite a few Osprey at our local lake flying around looking for lunch.  This lucky Osprey gets to eat lunch, but the unlucky fish gets to be lunch.

When cropping the image on the computer, I made sure that the bird had room to “fly” in the general direction he was moving (left to right).  Generally, it is better to have a moving object moving toward the center of the frame than away from it.  But, there are always exceptions.

2009-07-29If kite sailing isn’t your thing, you can always take a causal run across the lake in your car.  Your amphibious car, that is.  This nicely restored amphibian was spotted on Lake Coeur d’Alene in northern Idaho.

Heads sure turn when a car is driving down a boat ramp and doesn’t stop before splashing in the water.  It looks like fun!

2009-02-24What is CdA as shown in the title? Well, that is the abbreviation for Coeur d’Alene which is the name of a town and lake in northern Idaho.

While at the wooden boat show we got to see this magnificent sailboat owned by a very rich individual who lives in the area. It is 60 feet in length and the hull is all wood.

I like this shot because it is framed between the two pilings and the rope railing.  The sun reflection off of the sails gives a nice contrast between the sail and the mountain behind.