Maple Bay

Maple Bay is a charming little community that is far enough away from the big cities that the people are even more friendly.  We had one lady come up to us and offered to let us use her car for a few hours if we wanted to see more of the island.  You sure don’t see that kind of hospitality very often.

Float Plane

If you don’t want to take a boat to get to Maple Bay, you can always fly.  These came several times while were were there.

Kelli at the helm

Time to head back to the US and it looks like Kelli is in a hurry with her hand on the throttle like that!


On the way there, we saw some Harbor Seals…

Massive Scene

Turn Point Lighthouse

…and some amazing scenery.  The bottom one is Turn Point Lighthouse on Stuart Island.  This is about the same spot where we saw the pod of Orcas 3 years ago.  Nothing this time around.

Friday Harbor

Cleared US customs at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.  The it was off to Lopez Island for the night, swinging on our anchor.



Sidney is a nice town with a cute walkway along the water.

Sidney Harbor

The Marina was very large with some incredible boats.  Canadians are very friendly people.

Maple Bay Map

Well, it’s off to our next destination of Maple Bay a few hours north of Sidney, but still on Vancouver Island.  My wife Kelli was the NSO (Navigation and Safety Officer) and made sure we stayed away from any of the hundreds of obstacles that were just below the surface along with making sure the current through some channels would be okay for our journey.


I was the Skipper, and listened carefully to the NSO.  We didn’t want to become a statistic or leave any fiberglass on any rocks.

Sucia Sunrise

The night was calm, but  was awoken before sunrise and I’m glad I was.  This was a totally different look from what we saw the night before.

Sucia Sunrise

So, very calm.  What a great place to just and enjoy the world around you.

Hiking on Sucia

We put our dinghy in the water and headed for shore for some hiking.  Sucia has miles of trails with some amazing views.  Next time I think it would be fun to spend 2 nights there, just to get a full day of exploring done on the island.

Boat Wake

I’ve been known to take a few abstract shots.  This one of the wake of our boat as we head into Canadian waters.


That evening we cleared Canadian customs and stayed on in Sidney Harbor Marina on Vancouver Island.  This is the entrance into the harbor as seen from inside.


Grey Goose

Since it was nearly dark when we first saw our boat, I waited until morning to take a photo of it.  Grey Goose is a 34 foot American Tug, built in La Conner, Washington, one on our stops on the trip.

After we provisioned our boat, it was off to our first anchorage on an island named Sucia.

Echo Bay with Mt. Baker

The late afternoon provided some great low angle light of a neighboring tug in the Echo Bay, a Nordic Tug 37 named Sea Horse II.  I could only hope that we looked so great in the bay on Grey Goose.


San Juan Yachting

Today is the day we started another boating adventure in the San Juan Islands.  We arrived at San Juan Yachting in Bellingham, Washington to attended the skippers / safety officers meeting with the rest of the charter guests.  This is a great company to do business with.  They make you feel like family.

After the meeting we an opportunity to get on the boat and figure out all the systems (with help from documentation and experience) before the checkout skipper came on board to answer any questions.  After about an hour, he left the boat and said, “Have a great vacation.”  I think we will.

Its off to a late dinner, then back to the boat for our first night of sleep on the water.


While mountain biking at nearby Avimor, just I came across a sunflower that caught my eye. My initial thought was to capture a simple to grab image while still straddling the bike. I took my iPhone out of my pocket and grabbed this image.


It was an “okay” photo but I wanted more. Being late in the day, the sun was near the horizon, so I got off the bike and low to the ground to get some sky in the image. Then I wondered what it would look like with the sun directly behind the sunflower. I like it much better than my original image.



Our Dog Jamaica

A couple of weeks ago we adopted a new dog into our family.  This was a hard process emotionally since we lost Alle a couple of years ago, but the time was right.  Her name is Jamaica and she is a Havanese dog.  She is definitely a puppy with lots of energy and a small bladder.  She is currently about 15 weeks old and weighs in at 7 pounds.  There will be many photos to come, but we wanted to start the stream with this one of her playing in our back yard.

Say hi to Jamaica.



This is not my normal “photography” post,  but I thought it would be good to help raise awareness of something we should all do on a periodic basis.  That is changing your passwords.  What makes this even more appropriate is that it is Change Your Password Day which was started a coupe of years by the folks over at Gizmodo.

With all the news about web sites being compromised and user credentials stolen, it is a great idea to follow some simple steps to keep your various online accounts out of the hands of the bad guys.

  • Change your passwords frequently
    • This could be on an annual, monthly or even weekly basis depending on how important the particular account is.  If you hear on the news of a data breach at some big company, then maybe it is time to change your password, especially if it is with that particular company.
  • Use unique passwords on ever site
    • If a bad guy has access to one of your accounts, you don’t want him to have access to other ones by using the same credentials.
  • Use a password manager
    • There are a many password managers that keep track of all your unique passwords.  This allows you to keep track of all of them without keeping post-it notes all around your computer screen.  Here are links to a couple of my favorites:
  • Use complex passwords
    • After some of the recent data breaches there have been many articles written about passwords that people use.  You’d be amazed at how many people use things such as “123456,”  “qwerty,” or even “monkey.”  Some people even think they are being more secure by adding a number to the end of their password that matches the number of the month (monkey1, monkey2, etc).  BAD IDEA.  Instead, use passwords such as “!MAOk5^dSh6#RbC!” if the web site will allow it.  The longer and more cryptic the password the better.  By using a password manager, you can let the computer remember all of these cryptic passwords for you.

Online security should be on everyone’s mind.  Have a happy “change your password day!”



For the past several years we have created a photo book showing our experiences of the year. It is fun to look back at these and see just how the Lord has had His hand on our lives. We’ve always concluded our book with a portrait of ourselves.

It isn’t often that I’m both the photographer and the subject, but that is the case here. I set up the camera with a remote trigger and pushed the button with every new pose. This is the one we liked the best.


My Lovely Wife

Every once in a while I’m allowed to get serious about capturing a portrait of my wife, Kelli.  Well, today was the day.  She is the most excellent guitar teacher here in Boise with the Childbloom Guitar Program and was in need an updated photo for her web site.  It was a gorgeous autumn day and went outside and captured a few images.  This was our favorite.