Another fun portrait session, this time with Tara, a delightful young lady who is just fun to be around.  We have known her and her family for many years and it was a privilege to be selected to capture images of her. We ventured into several places near the river in downtown Boise for these images.


Thanks for the opportunity of capturing your senior portraits, Tara.





This is my second time photographing Nico.  It seemed like only a few short years ago he and his family were posing for me in the park for some family portraits.  Now Nico is all grown up and I captured images of him for his senior portraits.  The image below was taken in “freak alley” in downtown Boise.  All the colorful artwork make for some crazy, but cool backdrops.


The best to you in the future, Nico.



Portrait season is upon us.  I should say the autumn portrait season with vibrant colors all around.

This portrait is of a longtime friend of ours and her mother, both of whom are very nice people and great subjects for a lovely portrait.  This image was captured at the Boise Train Depot.



I’ll conclude this week with a portrait of the mother.  The detail of her feathers is amazing.

It is fun to watch the mother ducks as she protects her young as they grow.  She is quite often found at attention, on the lookout for anything that could cause her chicks harm.



Each day this week I will be sharing some of what we’ve been enjoying in our back yard.  We live next to a canal that are frequented by several families of ducks.  Spring starts out with just the adults, then we start to see some babies show up.  It is a real blessing to see these cute creatures and be able to get close to them.

The week starts out with the above photograph of a mother Mallard and her babies.

Here is a close-up of some of the babies.



Just after the summer solstice this year was another astronomical event called “the super moon.”  Since the moon is a bit of an elliptical orbit around the earth, sometimes it is closer than at other times.  The closer path happened to be near a full moon.  I’ve read where the moon is about 10% larger looking than normal because of it being closer to the Earth.

Taking photos of the moon is a bit of a mind bender.  If you point your camera at the sky and snap the image, all the blackness of the sky will fool your camera into over exposing the image and the moon will be a solid white disc in the sky.  It requires some manual intervention to get the correct exposure.

Think about what you are photographing.  The moon is an object that is in direct sunlight about the same distance of the sun as the earth is.  That said, start by using the same exposure that you would photography any object that is in direct sunlight on the Earth.

The technical details for this particular image was iso 640, shutter 1/3200, aperture f4.  It seems kind of strange to shoot an image in the black of night at 1/3200 of a second, but the exposure is about perfect.